the orca digests up to 2,400 lbs of food waste per day. In just 24 hrs, food waste is turned to environmentally safe water that flows back to the municipal sewer system.

Emerald provides

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  • Eliminates pests like fruit flies & unpleasant food waste odors

  • Reduces heavy waste burden on workers

  • Lower waste haul bills

  • One machine diverts 875,000 pounds of food waste from going to landfill a year

  • Reduces amount of methane gases produced at landfill sites

  • Reduces garbage truck diesel fuel usage & resulting CO2 emissions


epa wastewise program

food waste solutions

Environmental Carting Companies haul organic and recyclable waste to facilities where they can be properly composted or recycled.

we help you with: 
  • registering
  • reporting
  • data collection

we work with your hauler.

Wastewise helps organizations & businesses  reduce waste & practice sustainable materials management through the prevention & recycling of municipal solid waste & select industrial materials.