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Tree-Free™ material can be used to make packaging in the retail and food industry. Utilizing this material rather than hardwood pulp ensures a high quality alternative without the need to cut down our forests. 

The Tree-Free™ logo represents that the package is made from Tree-Free™material. 

Farmers will no longer have to spend the time, effort, and money burning and discarding bagasse and wheat straw, and wasting these renewable resources. Instead, Emerald will help local farmers put their leftover material to good use while increasing their revenue. Not only will this help American agriculture, but it will reduce the harmful impacts of deforestation by replacing tree-based products with Tree-Free™ products.

Farm to paper™  

innovation in disposables & packaging 

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Instead of using trees to make paper products and contributing to deforestation, Emerald found a way to make everyday disposable products using by-products of rapidly renewable agricultural fibers including wheat straw, bagasse, and bamboo.

The by-products of sugarcane bagasse and wheat straw are often discarded or burned because farmers have no use for them. Burning these by-products is extremely wasteful, and even harmful to local residents who inhale the smoke. Emerald will be procuring these previously wasted materials and turn them into useful disposables like tissue, plates, and packaging.

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Farm to Paper™

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