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"With Emerald  Brand we can make available products that prevent deforestation & the use of fossil fuel based plastics to our customers that help them achieve their social responsibility goals. Our relationship continues to grow stronger as we could not have found a more strategic source for our eco-friendly offering."
David Henchel
CEO, Corporate Coffee Systems

The program is implemented seamlessly. You watch as your savings pile in and your environmental impact increases. Emerald provides quarterly Environmental Impact Statements to help you show the world how using sustainable products has helped to save trees, water, landfill waste, plastic and more. 

the Emerald Catalog for our full line of sustainable products.

“We believe Emerald Brand’s turnkey sustainability solution will help our clients achieve their sustainability goals while also measuring and communicating their carbon footprint reduction to their stakeholders."

Jose Montiel

President, Proftech Office Products

“Consumer demand for environmentally friendly initiatives continues to see compounded growth year over year, Emerald’s eco-friendly and ​cost-effective solutions in the packaging category, with recycled and compostable substances, provide UncommonGoods with a greener, healthier, plastic-free packaging solution."

​Shao Li, Director of Operations at UncommonGoods

"By providing Emerald's line of Tree-Free, compostable, and BPA free products, along with their measurement and marketing tools, we are helping our customers meet their goals to reduce their environmental impact"
David Carroll, VP of OCS Operations at Southern Refreshment Services

"I fully recommend Emerald products. They are environmentally and cost-effective. Emerald products are high-quality products. We are a very satisfied Emerald user."
Martin Sillen
Vice President Facilities & Procurement at Ogilvy CommonHealth

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what ARE distributors saying?

There is no need to carry multiple brand SKUs in your break room, facilities, and Jan-San categories. Get competitive pricing, sustainable solutions,  & quality products, all in one brand.

  • 225 SKUs in one brand representing 80% of your customer needs

  • 3 day nationwide delivery

  • Low minimums with mix & match pallets for free freight

  • National pricing to all delivery locations

  • Turn-key breakroom and Jan-San solutions

  • Replaces national brand products at the same or lower cost

  • Access to experts to answer all sustainability questions for your customers

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  • Cluttered with too many SKUs in paper & plastic disposables?
  • Challenged to improve inventory turns?
  • ​Scrambling to buy many of these products through re-distribution or local competition & paying 25% more than you should?
  • ​Are your customers & sales team asking questions about sustainable alternatives?

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One Brand. Total Solution.

Emerald Improves Your Paper & Plastics Category 

Emerald sustainability program

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at cost-neutral or less.

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You have found it in Emerald. For 20 years Emerald has delivered high quality sustainable disposable products to facilities across the U.S. with a solution that is unparalleled in the industry.

"We are so excited to be working with Emerald Brand. This is going to open so many doors for us. I am also excited about how we will be helping our environment as well. So many company's want to be 'green' but just can't afford it. But now there is a line of products that answers not only their needs/wants, but their budget as well."
Traci L. Evans, Account Manager at Southern Refreshment Services 

Our team collects the items currently utilized in your facility. We review hard costs, logistical costs, and quantities used.

How We Do It.


Looking for a true Green solution for your food service, facilities, or packaging operation? 

Our internal analysts review your data and convert your current items to sustainable Emerald alternatives at cost-neutral or less than your current spend. We simplify your operation by providing one sustainable brand throughout your entire facility.

“I wanted to send a note of thanks for your efforts in rolling out both programs. We at American Express are excited to work with you to make such an impact on our environmental footprint. Not only do we champion a great cause, but we are educating our colleagues as well. The work your teams have done to support us has been special.”
J.S., American Express 

what ARE customers saying?

“The Emerald Brand has allowed our customers to achieve their green initiatives within their break-room and facilities without exceeding their budget. The Emerald Brand delivers excellent quality, competitive price points and allows our company to turn our inventory more efficiently through bundling 5 different product categories through one brand. Delivering this type of solution under one umbrella is a win-win for our company and our customers - It is a pleasure working with you and your company."
Barry Ginsberg

My Office Products/Hi Touch


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 “We had been searching for a sustainable product line that encompasses what our company represents, as well as what our customers have been asking for. Emerald possesses all of that and more, We are proud to sell our customers environmentally friendly products that also have health benefits for them.”​
Christina DeCicco, Owner DeCicco Family Market