Paradigm Group opened its doors in 1997 with the goal of offering a suite of products and services that provide measurable sustainable solutions in facility disposables.

In the years to follow, Paradigm Group and its subsidiaries built the Emerald Brand, a sustainable disposables brand with a core focus on utilizing highly renewable materials in finished consumables related to tissue, molded fiber, plastics, and packaging.

Paradigm Group's consultative services were built to complement its sustainable materials solution with composting, food digestion, waste removal solutions, and more.

Today, Paradigm Group is known as the strategic source for sustainable product solutions for businesses of all sizes around the world.

Jaclyn Mcduffey

Managing Director

McDuffey is dedicated to making sustainable products affordable and available to every consumer and business. She specializes in the production and development of Tree-Free and petroleum free alternative products.

We measure & analyze footprint reduction to ensure our client's positive impact.

We provide sustainable packaging solutions that reduce cube & eliminate the use of tree-based & petroleum-based materials.


Paradigm Group's unique divisions make it easier for our customers to supply their facilities and businesses in a one-stop-shop.

OUR mission

"...we could not have found a more strategic source for our eco-friendly offering."

David Henchel

CEO, Corporate Coffee Systems

Ralph Bianculli Jr

Managing Director

From an early age, Bianculli Jr. has been dedicated to sustainability and global conservation. Since beginning his career at Paradigm, Bianculli has led the company to substantial national growth.

We educate corporations & individuals on new laws & requirements relating to environmental regulations.

"To combat climate change by providing products & solutions that help prevent deforestation, eliminate the use of fossil fuel-based plastics, reduce the emission of carbon dioxide & methane gas into our atmosphere, & avoid harmful chemicals & additives."

We support local American farmers by procuring the formerly wasted by-products of their crops for the cost-effective production of our Tree-Free & petroleum free finished goods for facilities, food service, & packaging.

Ralph Bianculli


A visionary leader in sustainability, Bianculli has changed the way consumers see disposable products. Founder of Paradigm Group and Emerald Brand.

We offer waste solutions that include on-site composting & bio-digestion.